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French Celtic Sea Salt

by Dr Gram

French Celtic Sea Salt is a vital substance for maintaining a good health. Ordinary “natural” salt usually lose around 90% of the essential trace elements and minerals when exposed to artificial heat. When salt no longer contains valuable minerals and trace elements, it is harmful to the body. Sea salt with a 'nice' clean white hue has most probably undergone considerable refinement processes. French celtic sea salt is the most favored and healthiest of all sea salts, but also the priciest.

It gives a much more pure, fresh taste to your dishes, compared to the harsh flavors of table salt. Contains numerous vital nutrients and minerals, strengthens immune system and absorption of nutritious elements from food. Contains trace minerals that cleanses the body and aids healthy digestion. Used for cooking, baking, seasoning and body detoxification. 

Origin: France
Fine, 200g
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