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Butterflied Chicken Poussin

by Ethically-farmed Chicken

Poussin is a butcher's term for a young chicken, also known as spring chicken. Also known as spatchcock young chicken, the poussin has its backbone removed, and flattened.

Day-old chicks straight from Sabres, France to be reared as breeders at our Malaysian farm and after 60 days of growth and above, these young chickens are available for sale. These chickens are reared in Malaysia and are antibiotic residue free. They are lower in cholesterol compared to normal white broiler carcass.

These chickens also have a longer rearing period and no growth hormones are used to hasten the growth rate. This results in the meat being more succulent and juicy as well as flavourful. Chickens are fed with probiotics, natural herbs and raw corn (a special mix created by the farmers themselves).

Store chilled at 4-5 Degrees Celsius and best consumed within 1-2 days, otherwise freeze for later consumption. Chilled and frozen options available. With bulk pricing for greater savings!

Origin: France

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