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Organic Aged Cucumber

by Organic Veggies (SG)

Aged cucumber is the mature fruit of a cucumber plant. It is large in size and yellow to golden-brown in color. The aged fruit has a tough, thick skin with pale green flesh. Old cucumbers are rather bitter or even bland, allowing for a variety of seasoning possibilities. These gourd-looking fruits are widely used in Southeast Asian cuisine, and hold a special place in Chinese herbalogy. They are considered to be a cooling ingredient and is added to cooking during the time of year when it is hottest and the most humid.

The folic acid and vitamin A content in this vegetable is also essential for maintaining a healthy heart and eye sight. The presence of many other minerals in aged cucumber helps maintain important metabolic activities in the body. Aged cucumber has a high potassium content and is very low in sodium which is great for lowering blood pressure. Its mild diuretic properties helps in checking weight gain and high blood pressure. 

Most commonly used in Cantonese style soups. Cut an Old cucumber lengthwise and discard the fibrous seeds. Make sure to leave the skin on, keeping the flesh from disintegrating in the broth. Slice small slices or segments and add to a pork or chicken stock.

Origin: Singapore
650-800g per piece
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