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Asian Veggie & Fruit Box

by Value Boxes

Enjoy the freshness of local and Asian produce for your weekly meals! 4kg box is recommended for consumption by 2-3 people while 6kg box is recommended for consumption by 3-4 people. As produce in our Fruit and Veggie Boxes are seasonal, the items in your box may vary from week to week and they are subjected to crop availability, freshness as well as the quality of the produce.

From our farmer's fields to your table, The Organic Grocer's Veggie & Fruit Boxes offer you freshly harvested produce, every week, all year round. Averaged out, the cost of a box of organic produce delivered directly to your door once a week is significantly cheaper than buying the same vegetables in the store or supermarket. The benefits of a vegetable box is that we know that the organic produce is fresh, in season, and therefore tastes better!

Types of fruits and veggies available: baby corn, snow peas, pea sprouts, sunflower sprouts, Japanese sweet potato, cucumber, lady fingers, eggplant, cherry tomato, coriander, spring onion, onions, bitter gourd, hairy gourd, aged cucumber, red chillies, white radish, ginger, asian leafy greens, guava, bananas, papaya, limes, mango, dragonfruit, passionfruit.

Please feel free to drop us a note if you have specific preferences on items to include or not include in your box, and we will do our best to accommodate.

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