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Organic Capsicum

by Organic Veggies (TH)

The various coloured capsicums all come from the same plant, but differ in their level of maturity. Most capsicums turn red on ripening, but there are also yellow, orange. As the fruit ripens, it loses some of the sharpness of green capsicums and becomes sweeter and more nutritious. The bright pigments in capsicums contain phytochemical that helps protect cells from damage. Bell peppers are very low in fat, an excellent source of fiber, and are very high in vitamins A, C and K. The health benefits of capsicum include relief from cancer, skin aging, peptic ulcer, menopausal problems, low risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties and may also provide relief in pain related to arthritis. It also provides relief from fibromyalgia, and psoriasis.


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