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Organic Red Chillis

by Organic Veggies (TH)

Like cayenne pepper, red chili is used to add zest to flavorful dishes around the world and health to those brave enough to risk their fiery heat. This is the plant that puts fire on your tongue and maybe even a tear in your eye when you eat spicy Mexican, simmering Szechuan, smoldering Indian, or torrid Thai food. Chili peppers belong to the family of foods bearing the Latin name Capsicum.

Thai long red chilies is a widely known spice in Asian and Indian cuisine. Capsaicin, the pungent chemical that gives chilies their heat, varies greatly from plant to plant and even fruit to fruit, which explains the varying levels of heat and pungency of chilies. Capsaicin resides on the surface of the chili's ‘placenta', the soft, slightly oily-feeling membrane where the seeds gather. The seeds actually contain little heat, except for those that have been in contact with the membrane's volatile oils. Red chillies' bright red colour signals its high content of beta-carotene or pro-vitamin A. vitamin A is essential for healthy mucous membranes, which line the nasal passages, lungs, intestinal tract and urinary tract and serve as the body's first line of defense against invading pathogens. They produce heat in the body that directly burns down calories, just like the heat generated due to exercise.

Bird's Eye Chilli (Chilli Padi): 150g per pack
Big Red Chilli: 200g per pack
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