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Theo10 Balm, Heat

by Theo10 (SG)

Theo10's unique blend of camphor and peppermint oil, together with their natural yellow beeswax, ensures long lasting relief with can be felt within minutes of application. Peppermint provides a burst of coolness initially, warmth kicks in about 15 minutes after to relief the tension.

For Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

Our unique capsicum extract plays a vital role in ensuring that chronic pain caused by rheumatism is being dealt with. A chemical process in the body that results in arthritic pain can be effectively hindered by our unique capsicum extract. Over a long period of usage, arthritic pain can be reduced. If it escalates to osteoarthritis, the liver is triggered to produce calcium naturally and is then deposited to the applied area via the blood. This helps to manage the intense pain from osteoarthritis.

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