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Veal Escalope

by RH Collinson (AUS)

Veal escalope is great for schnitzels and veal cordon bleu!

Victoria Veal is raised on lush Australian pastures, roaming free range with their mothers on expansive grass. They are fed an ideal diet of mother's milk at the start, and then wean on to pasture grasses as they grow naturally. This is not only nutritionally beneficial, but also produces remarkably flavourful meats. All Victoria Veal is Hormone Growth Promotants (HGP) and chemical free. 

Innovation and respect for the animals had been the RH Collinson family's livelihood for generations. They take pride in producing veal that is rose in colour, tender and flavoursome and of a high ethical and quality standard.

Best consumed within 1-2 days from thawing. With bulk prices for even greater savings!

Origin: Australia
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