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Wild Caught Red Gurnard

by Wild Caught Seafood (NZ)

Red Gurnard has a fantastic flavour and is a treat to eat.  Simply roll fillets in salt and pepper ,fry in butter or oil and serve with a Hollandaise sauce.

Red Gurnard belong to the Triglidae family and are widespread around New Zealand, they are often caught on sandy shell sea-bed’s at depths up to 180m. Small juveniles prefer shallow waters and are therefore often caught in shallow harbour’s. The name Gurnard comes from the French and Latin verbs for the grunting sound this fish makes. 

Red Gurnard fillets are rather slender and taper gently. They have a firm to medium pink flesh which is low in fat content and suitable for most cooking methods. It has sweet, succulent medium textured flesh with low oil content, consequently fillets hold together well when cooked.

290g - 320g. 

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